Greeting card entrepreneur and fundraising practice

During what is supposed to be a morning meditation – some ideas started coming in – after I asked myself: where did I Ever do any of the entrepreneur type things that are recommended as a practice?

So selling my ear rings at work back when I still had a real life job comes to mind. I made about $80 – spent $ 240. Being on the phone for hours building up the video gaming as bardo-training program back in 204/2005 – because what happened to me when i started video gaming was out of this world …. I was manning a booth at a fair …but not for real … and I missed all the other IDHHB and work group things of that sort such as: selling chocolate bars door to door. However, if i “had” it to make a business, I would have had an alternative medical practice….I don’t.

Along come these greeting cards – and I LOVE THEM. They look and feel amazing to me …and, if I lived in town …could totally see going door to door or selling at a fair, but really, it is targeted marketing that comes to mind. For example: tarot greeting card: I would look into all the store that are “new age” wiccan or pychic oriented and take those there to see if they’d want to carry them …and which ones ….

Bookstores too, but really, various businesses and restaurants …especially for the  historically relevant cards. restaurants: Cards with photos of their place – today or historic –  for sale at the table – along with stamps – write while you wait …and the proceeds go to: the local soup kitchen, orphanage or battered women shelter? All pet stores and grooming services – carry the artistic unspecified pet cards – sales to benefit the local animal shelters.

  • Libraries: the old postcards – to benefit: something book related …
  • Hair salons: Hot for hair antique cards
  • Fashion stores: old fashion model greeting cards

and so on and so on –

Could be very successful – and you’ll learn a lot – about yourself, them, this world all the while helping some cause.