Prasad truffles – from chocolatiers at IDHHB – Chocolate Obsessions

idhhb-truffles_2415The kitchen is the heart of a home, as well as a community. Cooking can be an activity of mundane, crude, making food edible sort of activity, to culinary delight preparation to the high art of invocation, magic and spiritual practice and intentional living. It starts with the intention, the choice of ingredients, your consciousness, state of mind and feeling during food preparation, the cooking itself and the presentation of the food.

A conscious attitude in cooking is one of service. Service to the food, service to those who you feed, with boundless gratitude.

With a good meal, you feed the whole being.

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IDHHB 2015

Thank you for an amazing year 2015

The year 2015 has been an exciting year here are IDHHB and the
worldwide community.
One of the priceless gifts is to be able to tune in from anywhere to
the weekday morning hour and movement practice with Gorby. What a great way to connect daily with your sangha and the teacher. Often there was music or guitar classes during that time. This continues into the new year and beyond as long as possible. You can join here for free every weekday – IDHHB streaming.

Major projects that came to the forefront in the year 2015 included:


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