Prasad truffles – from chocolatiers at IDHHB – Chocolate Obsessions

idhhb-truffles_2415The kitchen is the heart of a home, as well as a community. Cooking can be an activity of mundane, crude, making food edible sort of activity, to culinary delight preparation to the high art of invocation, magic and spiritual practice and intentional living. It starts with the intention, the choice of ingredients, your consciousness, state of mind and feeling during food preparation, the cooking itself and the presentation of the food.

A conscious attitude in cooking is one of service. Service to the food, service to those who you feed, with boundless gratitude.

With a good meal, you feed the whole being.

E.J. Gold, at one time of another, managed several restaurants and did a lot of cooking. In case you were lucky enough to have been there, he makes the best coffee (Turkish) I have ever had. But I digress, just meant to point out that working in the kitchen and with food has always been one of the most important aspects in this work, a very important aspect of bardo training.

In 2010, the “truffles” were developed as well as the chocolate “mojos” and today, at this time, we are seeing the “new” truffle being  introduced – I have had a taste – YES! (If you are allergic to almonds, don’t have them, if you are allergic to coconut, don’t have them).

Here just some images of this morning’s truffle making, the finishing phase of it.

For those on this path, you will know that these are no ordinary chocolates,  but prasad, or sacred food chocolates. Maybe that is why, days later, you might still find yourself feeling nourished by it. Blessed Be and Enjoy.

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January 18, 2016


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In the making


Truffles with chocolate art on the side


Trays full of them


You can always get more than one



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A word from the psychic cook himself.