IDHHB 2016

While looking for something else, I came across a post titled: IDHHB 2015. I loved it and then recalled: this is March 2017, and what do I remember of 2016? Not enough, so I am about to create just a little page with at least one image for each month, which makes it not so little I suppose.  All images taken by me unless otherwise specified.


First off, before all the pictures, there are events happening each week that are on a fixed schedule: Weekday 6:30 am daily Gorby’s Place live transmission, Band Practice Monday afternoon, Tuesday’s Burger Day Lunch , Wednesday evening life stream show with David Franco, Pat and Iven, Thursday night with xxaxx, aka Claude Needham, Saturday and Sunday morning ICW with E.J . and Claude and Sundays at 630pm, LRS Pattie Show. Those were the live and online regularly scheduled events all through 2016.

For an event schedule, please check here at IDHHB

At the healing circle in the online Prosperity Ashram

There were several daily Second life Prosperity Ashram events, plus safari work 5 days a week. There are several active facebook groups. Karma yoga at the land  and visitors, online interviews and special events. Then there were several workshops in 2016, community holiday dinner and E.J. Gold’s Birthday celebration.

We saw a big push in the movements and the building of several sheds.

idhhb-20160209_2885In jewelry, it was the year for the world wide community to really dig into working with copper. Atlantean sigils and domed charging chambers got developed, working with your voice and of course, guitar classes.


Books published or republished 2016 are

Leslie Ann: My Life as a Boy Vol. 2 –  & Vol 3 – E.J. Gold
Tarot Decoded –  E.J. Gold

Changing Education to Change the World – Claudio Naranjo
Draco Daatson’s Book – Brizzi
Birth of the Lion – Parkin
Dancing on the Other Side – Hobbs-Scharner, Ulrike
Self-Completion – deRopp
Orbit – Kyle Fite
Every Day a Holy Day – Barbara Haynes

These books are available at, but you can look for them at Amazon too.

There also were a number of DVD’s, though I don’t recall which ones. Various workshop and work line related DVDs get produced every year , but I am not sure where they end up. You might want to check with IDHHB on that.

CDs released

Temple Bells by E.J. Gold, it’s up on CD Baby
and here – on the CD list of

I Want to Fly by E.J. Gold, find it on

idhhb-20160201_2753Michelle and B. after making truffles – in time for Valentines day.

idhhb-20160309_3404I think it was The American Book of the Dead Guidebook’s turn for the David show, followed by “the Invocation of Presence”. You can find out what is happening currently  here on wings of chaos.

idhhb-20160319_3607Honoring Lily at her Memorial.

The Jazz Art event this year was at the California Jazz Foundation Annual Gala — Give The Band a Hand

photo by Beverly Korenwasser
Sat. April 2, 2016

Location: The L.A. Hotel Downtown, Los Angeles, CA
Honoring John Clayton and the memory of the great bass player, Ray Brown

idhhb-20160425_4322Band Practice with Jim and Mary

idhhb-20160528_4806At the Essence Comedy Workshop

Reshad Feild  Dies, May 31, 2016 (aged 82)

idhhb-20160626_4940First workings in the Shaman Shed – twas the year of the sheds 🙂

claudio-naranjo-e-jgold-20160702_5050Claudio Naranjo visits

idhhb-20160719_5323Embossing time, first coins, then sheet metal.

idhhb-20160807_5620Looking for the right spot for the LRS Shed

idhhb-20160808_Lee-Ej_Gold_Hugh_Shabari_Glenn_Perr_-5579Lee, E.J. Hugh, Shabari, Glenn – our dose of bio-dynamic gardening

idhhb-20160818_5722Fun during a group picture

IDHHB_20160905_5954Second Life Prosperity Ashram sailing demo

idhhb-20160913_6023Embossing table & more during a visit

idhhb-20160922_6163Morning movements

idhhb-20161002_6234In Gorby’s cafe

idhhb-20161030_6538Halloween/LRS workshop

Working on mushroom inoculation

idhhb-yan-20161116_6822A year of copper jewelry  and guitar …. well shown here 🙂

Preparing for the remote viewing clinic.

idhhb-20161227_7462…as well as starting to work with the voice.

idhhb-20161227_7486Speaks for itself

idhhb-20161228_7581Tito and Aldo making music with E.J.

cw-dogs-20161231_7591December 31, they are awaiting…not the new year…but our return 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this little review. Don’t hesitate to contact IDHHB if you would like to know more or would like to participate in any of the online or onsite events.