We would like to introduce you to IDHHB and all the events and tools offered there for your awakening – and for the benefit of all beings everywhere.

IDHHB = Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being

Very broadly, IDHHB offers physical TOOLS  and ACTIVITIES for awakening and developing the harmonious human being. There are many EVENTS, both locally as well as online to allow participation on many many levels and with different resonances. We all know that not only is each individual distinct from any other, but different events and tools may be needed at different phases in the awakening process, at different times and for different people.

There is also a real life community for those ready for that kind of move, but wherever you are, you can already participate in the community through the Prosperity Ashram now – if you have a working computer available.


What spiritual path is this you may ask: as best as we can tell, it carries elements of Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism, 4rth Way, energy work and magic – but like the American Book of the Dead – this is a path meant for the people of this time in this place and is VERY practical. It is in the moment and can certainly look paradoxical.

It is a path of Bodhisattva training, and as such – can be demanding. The beauty of these tools is that they  make available a huge variety of approaches and allow beginners as well as more seasoned students of the WAY, the awakening path, to benefit – from whatever level of understanding they are presently at. A prime example of this is Zen Basics, a wonderful entry level tool – and yet, as a very advance Buddhist monk said a long time ago: why do you start them with something this advanced?  Brilliant tool therefore, wouldn’t you think?.

The Institute is under the guidance of E.J. Gold who called himself a high tech shaman – as well as “just this guy”. At the time of this writing in 2014, he is still very much involved and active, and very accessible – though he does not travel. For those who need or want the guidance, however temporary, of a living teacher – it is available to those called.

A LIST OF ALL THE FREE EVENT OFFERINGS – transmitted on gorebaggtv includes:

  • Mondays 4-6 pm: Faxl band practice 🙂
  • Wednesday 6-7 pm PST: Radio Science Fiction hosted by Marvette with E.J.Gold
  • Wednesday 7-8 15 pm PST: David Franco show Wings of Chaos  hosted by David Franco with Pat Elisabeth, Iven Lourie, MA Westgard – currently up is the ABD.
  • Thursday 7:15 – 8:30 PST: Claude Needham’s – “Thursday Class” for an hour and 15 minutes
  • Fridays 10:30am: Friday’s Art Class started with  “Pencil Magic” with Dok during the times E.J.  Gold was giving art classes in town. During the winter months, E.J. Gold is conducting the online art classes himself from 10:00 – 12:00noon (suggested donation for those is $15)
  • Sunday 6:30-7:30: “Pattie Show” with Patricia Elisabeth – our guide to Readings
  • Weekdays 6:30 for an hour or 2 – E.J. Gold at Gorby’s Place on lifestream gorebaggtv – what a fun way to start the day if you live on the West Coast.

There are many more weekly events happening online which are held in  the Prosperity Virtual Ashram – like the Poet’s Cafe, xtreme Free Mic, Clear Light Reading circles and also Healing Circle events as needed, to name a few. News for these events are easiest received through the daily postings in the Prosperity Path Group Forum on Facebook – but please, if you are interested and simply can’t be on facebook – write in for the schedule.

Anyone can show up and participate, ask questions and just talk to others – any of those days, any of the weeks.

The schedule is kept as updated as possible, though it does
not hurt to check in case by calling in if  you hear something mentioned that is not on
the list 🙂

In addition to the online free events, IDHHB  presently offers weekly weekend workshops every Saturday and Sunday morning as well as several larger workshops every
year. The weekend  WORKSHOPS ARE HOSTED by E.J. Gold himself, together with Claude Needham and sometimes visiting guests. He also leads the larger workshops, usually 3-4 days long.

The weekend workshops are called ICWs (for Inner Circle Workshops) and take place locally as well as live online every Saturday and Sunday from 630-830am pacific time.


In order to stay karmically clean, there is a suggested contribution for the ICWs.

Actually – E.J. says money should NEVER be in the way for you to access the teachings.

On  the other hand, nothing is truly free. Here is a link to the contribution page for IDHHB

regularly $25 for each 2 hour workshop (of course, even if you have an entire group at your
computer attending an ICW, it is still only $25)

Discounts for regulars as well as Scholarships of various kinds are available and can be worked out with all those willing and interested. This is true also for the main workshops every year. I have come across scholarships before – but these folks are amazing.

Since is is not required to sign in for the events, they go by the honor system.

A fair number of past workshops are also available as DVDs – oops, that would belong into the TOOLS section – which would be way to much to also add to this page – however – a link is coming soon. In the meantime, check it out at

Awakening to your true nature and the nature of reality and willing and able to work in that – that is the task at hand – and we are delighted you have come to join us in this
process –  whether it be through using one of the many tools, an event for an hour,  a day, a year – or for all times in a soul group.
May you benefit greatly  in your awakening process by what E.J. Gold and the folks  at the Institute work to make available to you today and for as long as it is possible.

Click here for a different perspective on “Who Is E.J. Gold?”

For the benefit of all beings, and the benefit of the Absolute.

PS. Sometimes we need to become a little more harmonious to develop that self of the harmonious human being – 🙂 – it is a bit of a word play,  but  we also heard it more than once – the skill comes with the job.  It DOES help to be skillful, but it is not a requirement. Willingness IS. It is an on the job training on this path that ultimately relies a LOT on self – initiation and the transformative work in groups. In fact, a lot of it cannot be done alone – at the same time – it cannot be done without you doing YOUR work, your inner work – which no one even sees. The trick is to get a job – the good news: if you are willing to participate, you got it – and it does not mean that it costs you money. The secret to helping with will: create necessity – take on obligation ….

Please check out IDHHB.COM for more info – I am having a hard time keeping up and you will find a LOT there. Let your heart  be your guide.idhhb-2014-04-14_6902


The official Mission Statement, found on

The Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being


The Institute for the Development of The Harmonious Human Being is dedicated to the enablement of conscious living and dying, personal transformation, the attainment of higher personal, organizational and planetary consciousness, in service to the vision of a living universe.

IDHHB works with individuals and organizations to provide tools of service in these areas, to expand perception and awareness, and cultivate high attention and presence.

To these ends, IDHHB:

  • . . . publishes books and periodicals
  • . . . designs interactive computer games
  • . . . promotes and publishes objective art
  • . . . produces instructive and inspirational musical CDs and videos
  • . . . trains instructors and individuals through online courses and onsite workshops
  • . . . conducts programs in diverse experimental areas, exploring new ways to accomplish our mission.

As technology changes it is important for us to explore the new without abandoning the old — embracing that which works.