Tools for Awakening

This is the root page for the tools Рtools for transformation. These can also be processes, projects, tasks and events Рin fact, pretty much anything can serve as a tool for transformation, the list of which this page could not contain. You are developing is about presence and attention Рand those being qualities can be developed just like someone working out in a gym develops physical muscles and stamina  muscles. Tools for transformation is one of the main offerings E.J. Gold keeps giving us Рincluding the process of how to penetrate deeply the chosen activity or task.

Hello there BEING, Soul – joined, fused and inside this human reading this – the one who will travel on in the bardo with this gross physical bodies – yes, I am talking to you – can you hear me or sense this possibly very timid voice, this hunch that there is truth in that?

And of course, by gross I don’t mean yukky – but dense, vibrationally very very slowed down.

Why do I bother making them available by making them more known –¬† because I feel the incredible suffering on this planet – and unless there is transformation, awakening and the the resulting loving-kindness & right action – what chance at relief of suffering in the manifested world is there? For this site,¬† in my mind’s eye I see many many sub-pages and posts… because among the many tools I have come across or explored, there will be the right one for you. For the moment, just this: