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UPDATE – as of August 5 (when justintv went bye-bye) we have moved the art class to gorebaggtv on livestream – look for the art event

There is doing art as a sneaky way to get you meditating, art as healing, art to grow your soul, art to express higher dimensions – art because you are an artist and need it like others need air to breathe – but whatever the motivation, people do art for more reasons than I could list here. There is transmission happening through your creation….Transmit what – the higher vibrations, other dimensions, parallel worlds, visions, raising awareness – anything to awaken  – inspire awe, evoke emotional states ….

What if you are not an artist and don’t consider yourself talented or worthy and you really don’t actually want to do it – any sort of art, as a practice or otherwise  – why still do art?

!!!!!   E.J. Gold gave a number of reasons and listed a number of things you learn when you do art – but then, when still asked – why – it was like this: “If you have to ask why (do art)– you are not ready”.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that is what I had just seen posted on facebook, – excerpt: “…you can offer, invite, coax, recommend, live by example – people are not gonna go there until they are ready…” not related to art – more general about anything you want to get deeper with.

Is it bardo training? Since you are on this website, chances are that  your worldview includes a  soul, essential self and reincarnation – and if voyaging and essential self habits are important to you – or, if you simply want to open up that part of YOUR being to that which is The Artist – then do it !!!!! TODAY…and yes, it is training you …on many levels.

IDHHB has many offerings to get you started with art – and while quite a number of folks got turned on to art after attending one of E.J. Gold’s art classes and have gone on to become artists – you don’t have to have such aspirations. YOU CAN PAINT – you give yourself permission to paint …or you can DRAW GOOD NOW…:)

Doing art is opening a part of your being that can only be opened through doing art….much like this:

Until one has loved an animal, part of one’s soul remains unawakened  ~ Anatole France

I experienced that one – and if you have ANY example in yourself or another – then it helps to allow yourself the view that doing art will also do that – awaken a part of your soul.

And so we do art, finally – in this case based on the series “Draw Good Now” by E.J Gold. All you need is a pencil, paper and a pencil sharpener – nothing fancy or expensive. It is the most accessible way to start doing art that I know of.

It could lead into using other media, but this is open and accessible to anyone for any budget….

It is a commitment, it is a spiritual practice.

Needed is: participation, willingness to stick with the process – and allow it to take you where you need to go.

I am not sure what it is that will prompt you to actually DO IT – especially since most of us don’t consider ourselves artists, however

You are invited to join our weekly art hour on Fridays at 10:30 am PT here

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going on now – in 2014 for as long as we can

And if you don’t see us there, try these: Doing Art

Here are some considerations about Art in general:

What is art?

Have you ever really tried to answer that question?

Art is many things to many people. Good art for me means I like it, I could sit with it for a long time, it reminds me of something that mattered. That’s all very subjective. I am not trying to even go to objective art or integral art.

Art is, in one way or another, the product of creativity. Art is considered art in the eye of the beholder. I suppose that implies a sentient observer. Art involves the aestetic, not functionality. Art also can be the practice of a skill in a masterful way, as in the art of medicine rather than the mere practice of medicine. When I feel into what that difference means for me, it includes the state of the practitioner, not only is there knowledge and experience and a certain way of delivery or action, there is a certain space, a flow, and a vibration of compassion that gets transmitted in the transaction. When I look at art, it has an effect on me and I can determine if it helps me or transports me into a higher vibrational space or not. Art can depict that which is hidden to the normal view, and so can be illuminating or shocking. Myself, I have seen and experienced shocking enough for the time being, I am looking for something else. Beauty, a higher space, transformational effects…things like that.

But this is about DOING art about growing your soul…

about art as a practice, a spiritual practice.

PENCIL MAGIC with shading

excerpt from a post on another blog:

…. in the figure/ground with shading practice – it is not your thinking mind who decides,  not your ego or willfulness which is asked or invoked: it is your subconscious, your meditative state, your inner knowing, your “seeing” with a different eye – because – there is a figure there which wants to emerge, be seen, come alive – and you are in relationship to IT – that ‘thing’ the entity, the form – you are its facilitator – helping it to come alive. It emerges from the ground and with shading – it will take 3 dimensional form – it changes from lines into and entity – in total collaboration with you and your state of being….and dropping your everyday beta brain state will allow it to be seen.

Sometimes I notice my hand or eye is drawn to a certain shape to start shading it…then to another – I don’t really know why …but i do it. Look again – following intuition – for lack of a better word. Sometimes I start seeing a multitude of shapes, entities or “beings” in there…the border is like a window into another world altogether…and i am still thinking – there is NO WAY i can draw or shade in a way that they all become visible …but then – I am only carving out 1 hour a week for this …. so I don’t know what  – with my willing help – could possibly emerge from that window …. but to me,  this entire shading process really IS magic 🙂

The invitation: weekly art hour Fridays at 10:30am PST on gorebaggtv – click on the LIVE event . in this case, the weekly art hour.