The Directed Scribble – Pencil Magic

This time, after doing the border which ideally is at least 2-3 cm from the edge of the page,  we will have something in mind while doing the scribble – and for starters and first practice, it will be a 4 legged creature – head, body, 4 legs and a tail. When doing the scribble, there will be some direction in it, as some of the curves and lines we do will be with the intention of becoming the body, legs, head and tail.

Remember, the scribble is getting done in 1 swoop on an out-breath. Once you life up the pencil from the paper, it is done.

You may or may not immediately recognize the shape, or creature, you had in mind. Take your time …and when you feels the impulse to start shading…do it.

At some point, you will choose something or someone which has some emotions associated with it at the time of you doing the scribble…. and you shade the scribble with that energy and feeling – it is amazing indeed.


Often other entities want to emerge – instead or in addition to the one you had in mind….:)

This is quite obviously not a photographic representation – it is something else – the nature of which is to be discovered as we move along.

Your attention and emotions will make a big difference, as will sharp pencils, making the lines disappear and ability to do a grayscale.