3 – The scribble – Drawing with Pencil Magic

Scribbles are drawn on the out-breath. They are one of the fundamentals in Pencil Magic through shading.

Scribbles can be small, large, medium, mad or directed.

Scribbles either cross the border or they don’t.

The Basic Scribble is one of medium size and may or may not cross the border on any given page. We will experiment purposely with various size scribbles (namely lg, med, sm and the mad-scribble as well as the directed scribbble – but by the time we get to the directed scribble – it is past the basics :).

Some scribbles  will be crossing and some not crossing the border.

Here are some samples:

Medium size scribble not touching the border



Large scribble – within the border



Small scribble – (mostly) within the border