Movements and Dance

Certain music and dancing are – or at least can be – healing as well as transportative into other times and places. Working with sound and movement in the transformational process is nothing short of awakening.

Mens sana in corpore sano is a Latin aphorism you might be familiar with – a healthy mind in a healthy body. No matter how it was meant in the original writing, a healthy body makes a lot possible in life. A healthy body loves to move and dance. Moving and dancing promote a healthy body … and mind – and – can connect us with spirit. Practicing “The Movements”  leads to harmony, balance and centeredness. Practicing Spirit Dance reclaims lost energies and reintegrates them into your field and also leads to harmony, balance and centered beingness.

These 2 forms of movements – the kata-like form called “The Movements” and the Spirit Dance are different ends of the same pole, leaving you centered, enlivened and with inner peace.

Movements 2014 – IDHHB

The Movements, as taught by E.J. Gold, are a moving meditation which brings the body, emotions, mind and spirit into total Harmony. Per E.J. Gold,  ” It works instantly. The effects are similar to Tai Chi and Yoga and . . . something more. It transcends them. The Movements smoothe the lumps in one’s being. They harmonize the electrical field and dissolve anomalies in your being. This leads to better functioning and simply being comfortable in your skin. You feel good in your body.”

The Movements have been transmitted through psychometry  and  ancient sources, including vases, wall paintings, frescoes and statuettes. They are related to ancient temple ceremonies, tribal dances and rituals and also include kata components. (Kata means form, as in a form in martial arts.) One hint – once you know the postures: the real secret is in the transitions.

The key Mr. Gold revealed over twenty years ago is essential to remember when working with the Movements: “Sense the whole without tensing“.

The performance of the Movements by The Academy of Ancient Dance reflects themovements-2014_0643 magic and spirit enlivening theater in ancient times. Director and choreographer E.J. Gold composed the music which serves as a fundamental component to the penetrating atmosphere created throughout this performance. Some folks use this as a Movements Workout Tape!

Mr. Gold has been working with The Academy of Ancient Dance since 1969. In sacred dance, we are working with the moving center to invoke Sacred Spaces.

Just a short testimonial about the music: “Gold’s recordings have an innate ascentive quality that resonates in harmony with the macrodimensions, higher emotions and spiritual inspiration. They inspire serenity and bliss.”
— Glenn Perry, Samadhi Tank Co.

More recently, in 2006, ESD – Erotic Spirit  Dance, or simply, Spirit Dance – was developed as a work tool.

It was based on an observation of what happens in our society and the necessity to reclaim energy wrongly assigned to spaces they don’t belong – so those energies become available to work with again. Special sound loops were created for this type of dance.

ESD morning practice during the “Just desserts” workshop in 2007 – IDHHB

In our society, there is often automatic and incorrect intertwining of sexual and erotic energy. Erotic energy is a much higher level of energy. ESD properly belongs in the category of spiritual energy. In ESD, we are pulling back the erotic energies we left scattered behind on our life path. We will be dancing ourselves back into the spaces we have been before, looking to recover the erotic energy incorrectly assigned to those spaces. Through ESD, E.J. Gold also gives the means to take back the energy from past incidences of violation and rape, considering the choices you made as the voyager.

When energies have been improperly assigned or left behind, we need to pull them back into ourselves, our energy fields, so they become available to us. As voyagers, we have left energy everywhere and doing ESD, we’ll clean that trail up in the reverse order.

“The spirit is erotic. The erotic part is not in the dance, it’s in the spirit. Learn the alphabet, which is, to stay on beat” ~ E J Gold.

If you are interested in reclaiming stuck energies and the integration and harmonizing of your being and don’t mind using your body in dance, or rather, have your body be moved by sound – this may be for you.

In this one, the concentration is more in the form of intense listening, first with your ears, then your body and all the cells … and the sound moves you and through you.

Spirit Dance Loops – CDs

Introduction to ESD – DVD


Morning Movements Workout for Beginners – DVD

The Movements at American River College

A fun video by LeilaJiva using one of the ESD loops