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Or – The Creation of Necessity

NOTICE: GorebaggTV switched to newlifestream on August 6. The August shift morphed this  music practice into: Music on Tuesdays – an event on gorebaggtv every Tuesday. For more information, please click here.

Music and making music is one of the most transformational as well as invocational tools. Intentional bardo voyaging often uses sounds and music for transport. Music gives access to some spaces that have no other opening keys.

…ya, so – what happened to that guitar we got 3 or 4 or 5 years ago? (yes, I looked it up – it was 2009)  Remember – when we were getting the Lessons for DumDums for the Guitar?

How is YOUR practice going? Are you playing – alone or with others?

Good News: Keep an eye out on gorebaggtv for announcements if you are interested in reviving your guitar playing – or tell someone who is totally new.

Myself, I have played off and on, mostly off, but ever since the added task of taking care of the dogs, starting October 2010, then chickens and the garden and now more dogs – there is even less time. But really, that is an excuse – I am lacking a certain kind of discipline, & I don’t have the talent or passion to continue “just because” & for no obvious reason, even though it can be such fun. So what does one do?

I occasionally still practice some cords and have been “planning” to get back into it regularly and learn to actually play  …..  alas ….

But then TODAY – someone asked: what happened to the guitar classes you were gonna give. Are you going to start them?  I said: What guitar classes?????? …and then it came back …ah, yes, those … reviews for all us guitar newbies. Regular practice – in a group – online. Last year, in 2011, the plan had been for 2 of us to have a gorebaggtv show for others – to get us all back into it – the guitar playing. Just simple folk songs. But then, my friend moved away – and it never happened.

Ok, …when will you start …ok, next week, I had to fit it in between the chickens and the dogs and dinner and the dogs again …. so we found a time for the winter months at least :).

You are invited to check in and join, bring friends to gorebaggtv Tuesdays at times to be announed – “Our guitars and Voices” – Guitar for newbies and those who can help and those who wish to engage together in making music.

I find myself having thoughts like: I am not photogenic, my stage presence sux and my guitar playing is rudimentary – what the hell I am I doing? I don’t know how that will go – it is an experiment born of desire to include and integrating music making into our lives.

Again, E.J. Gold has poured a lot of time to show us a way that makes it possible for ANYONE to get started in this ….to use the tools he offers, you DON’T have to be an expert, you can be a beginner. Later on, when someone has joined some expertise, other doors open, but to start – all you need is willingness to learn – and an action step. I LOVE that about all these tools.

On some level – for me – this is an application of:

NECESSITY – if you don’t have the discipline, accept to do something for others and thus create enough necessity to do what needs to be done.

Kinda like: do for others which you could not do for yourself.

I must be crazy to commit to another thing to do ….

…. on the other hand, I am committed to serve as best I can, to learn to love, to help awakening hearts and consciousness on this planet – for the relief of suffering of sentient beings – The Absolute.

And: being able to make music is a good bardo skill to have. Keep an eye out on gorebaggtv  & letz do this.

Invitation for all, especially newbies.

In any case, there is a guitar that has been patiently waiting to sing ….

… or maybe has been waiting to make you sing or  me sing or us sing together … hm

…  and maybe your voice has too. And maybe you won’t need a guitar to sing along?

Refresher from the youtube vids made back then.: