December 11 – Fun with Waltzing Mathilda

Your Guitars and Voices – gorebaggtv Dec. 11, 2012

Ok, so on Tuesday December 11, 2012 – 7 pm on gorbaggtv we had our “reviver class” – Your Guitars and Voices . What I remember and liked most was this: it was light and – It was FUN –  which came unexpectedly . Thank you to those present and those participating online. You and your energy & and voice – matter and contribute. Thank you for being open minded and lighthearted and going with the fun – and hopefully you all strummed too 🙂 – We were working on Waltzing Mathilda – and I can tell you this:

Life with the Mathilda can be a lot easier 🙂

Here is the link to the version we were using during the class 

we needed to

  • find the Bm chord you wish to use.
  • Practice the cords – D, A, Bm, G, A7,  & get the lyrics.

The singing proved to be a little challenge – except for Beverly, who is a soprano – so practice an octave lower?

Since  then I found this version in C: :))))))))))))))

and then there is THIS one,  in D, but maybe easier …

and this one in G

simple one in C

HAHAHA – turns out the notes I was given are some of the more difficult ones….. :)))))))))

And so life with the Mathilda is easier with those – try them.

Practice basic chords – C – G7 – F – B7 – Em – D – A – A7, D7

Anyway – I hope the class has resparked your fire – sing out loud and strum some too

Our guitar-chords page

since the G7 is MISSING from that page…here is an image

I will try to stick to those chords for now 🙂

Here is a link to some of gorebagg’s beginner guitar lessons on youtube

He is what gorebagg had to say about the Waltzing Mathilda in 2009 …and he’s playing it too


Here is one of my favorite videos &version for the song:

Watch live video from gorebaggtv’s channel on