Prosperity Path

The Prosperity Path is a brand new tool to transform your life and help others.

It is a tool of our modern time, never before available in that

  • a) – it uses a computer with mouse, like a  PC or Acer, and
  • b)  some form of electric energy supply to run such a computer
  • c) pixels in a video-game setting – called  orbs, such as this one. You can download one for 99 cents with online payment – (or call IDHHB – contact urthgame in case you need to use another way to get an orb)

The Prosperity Path Orbs are the result of decades of work, and IDHHB, GODDGAMES,  and E.J. Gold are good names to google if you want to know more about it’s origin.  I marvel at this tool as I remember one of the things I wrote on an intake questionnaire for a workshop in December 2002: I wanted to learn how to move….. dream/move with the being’s body.  And wouldn’t you know it: both Beacon Work (brane-power) as well as the orbs from the GODD gaming engine – the Prosperity Path orbs – will do that. For both tools, I am continually floored at the results people get who use them sincerely. Amazing is an understatement.

Know who you are, clarify your life goals, realize your being’s purpose, heal, live prosperous,  learn to navigate the labyrinth with grace and elegance, …to name a few.

Play a better urthgame – up your game of life on our beautiful earth.

All I can tell you: once you check out the Prosperity Path urthgame website, you can get the tool of your life for your life.

As I am able to add them, there will also be a link to a page on this site that says a little more about that orb as well as testimonials….in any case, we don;t want to loose all the testimonials in nowhere files …. 🙂

If you want to hear about what some folks have to say, you can do so interactively and for free on facebook – the Prosperity Path Forum, to be more specific (yes, it will cost you to have a facebook account, sorry) – but however you look at it, facebook too is a tool of our time – almost instantaneous international connection without traditional boundaries.

I will start with the Insta Fix orbs – gotta love them if you really only have a minute.

Lord Buddha Insta Fix
Approval Insta Fix
Lottery Insta Fix
Resist All Insta Fix

As  a side note, ideally the Prosperity Path page would be a sub-page of “Spiritual Gaming” and, more specifically, Spiritual Video-Gaming as a potent bardo training tool – only that as of September 4, 2012, I have not created those pages – AND – it is an amazing tool that just might deserve to keep it’s “main” page 🙂

If you are reading this, do yourself a huge favor, check out the Prosperity Path Website and then, why not try out one of the orbs – which one: the one you feel drawn to.

You deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End thought: I find it totally amazing that , even though I don’t know hardly ANY html, I am nonetheless able to communicate this and that it becomes findable for whoever might need to read just this …..anywhere on the planet – for waking up – and working – for compassion and relief of suffering – and there is sooooooooooo much suffering on this planet, this incarnated beingness. And btw, I grew up with German as my mother tongue – English is my second language. That is my excuse for writing somewhat weirdly …..

Ready to play a better urthgame?   Up your game of life on our beautiful earth – home to not just joy and beauty, but untold difficulties and suffering.