Bardo Training dot org got started sometime around 2004 to create awareness about effective tools for awakening, especially the use of online multi-player video gaming as a spiritual tool, spiritual gaming that is.  Having held video gaming in some sort of disdain prior to finding out about it in 2002 and allowing myself the exploration of its use as a tool on the spiritual path – it completely surprised me when I did – it was mind-blowing.

Using online means, including video games, as a tool for awakening and work on self is offered by IDHHB – The Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being under the guidance of E.J. Gold.  While at first identifying bardo training with video gaming, I soon discovered just how many different tools are being offered by IDHHB – and that it is ALL Bardo Training – you can find out more about that on the Welcome page.

Of course there are other schools, teachers and paths, as few of which I have come to explore such as Tom Brown Jr. The Tracker,  the Integral Institute inspired by Ken Wilber, the various Buddhist traditions, Mystical Christianity, various healing schools, Hakomi, Waking Down in Mutuality, Matrixworks to name a few,  and not to forget: working with animals.

What is Bardo Training?

For years, Bardo Training meant for me: – video gaming as a spiritual tool for growth and evolution. Heck, I changed my entire life based on what happened for me”playing” this video game, and I was  a computerphob and looked down on “video gaming” before I started this. After the IDHHB Labor day convention in September 2004, I was instrumental in establishing a bardo training video gaming program for IDHHB under direction of E.J. Gold and in cooperation with Claude Needham.

At this time my experience of “bardo” has changed enough that I know: it is all bardo all the time.

In time, you will find many references for tools for transformation, growth and awakening on this site. For now, here is:

The Voyager’s Quatrain

All phenomena is illusion

Neither attracted nor repelled

Not making any sudden moves

My habits will carry me through.

Wouldn’t you want to have good habits to get through ok and in line with your values? Bardo Training does help you with that, but as with all things, you actually have to apply what is offered.

Here is what others say answering the question:

What is Bardo Training?