Fun? Watch out !!!!!!!

FUN? WHAT? ya exactly – as a native of Germany, I came to the United States in 1986. One of the things I heard a lot is parents ask their children: DID YOU HAVE FUN?

OMG OMG OMG – I thought that was such an incredibly superficial way of living. It seemed to be the most important thing  in the USA: having superficial fun – denying all inside and underneath.

Well ….

Here we are a quarter of a century later, and I am telling you: if you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong … so, what the heck happened?
Fun and Fun are not necessarily the same depending on what level  you are living and experiencing.

On the spiritual path I came to both appreciate humor as well as recognize its essential necessity as well as inevitable result of transformation.

If you can’t poke fun at yourself, you got a ways to go – and – if you can’t make fun of yourself, you may not, don’t have the right to, make fun of someone else.

Fun – is part of feeling the lightness of being, the no drama disposition, the silliness of a little kid with no worries in the world, the happy pitter patter of little feet and giggling sounds, the enjoyment of whatever you are involved in at this time – the not taking yourself so seriously.

Fun goes with laughter – and we all have heard: Laughter is the best medicine. Did you have the best  medicine today yet? Did you have fun? 🙂

You are in this life, this game on earth. Not always easy, there is suffering everywhere – and, as long as you are here – what does it help to NOT have fun? Might as well enjoy the ride and appreciate and celebrate this life you have been gifted. It is all in the attitude. Some go as far as saying: Transformation is 100% attitudinal.

So here I am, German and by nature a “serious” and even somber disposed human (missmutig) – and I am saying: Spass muss sein.

Have some fun today :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) haha, so there

dolphins – playful – – image from the www
This was fun 🙂 thanks KD

For those who have the opportunity to work with Kathleen Dreier – Esens Photography you won’t regret it. Competent, dedicated, hard-working and all that – but most of all, authentic, intuitive, caring,  with a big heart and good eye – she captures the essential. I have no doubt you’ll enjoy working with her and love the results – and you’ll have fun for years to come. That even rhymed …:)