IDHHB live events on gorebaggtv – free

IDHHB – is the Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being

IDHHB offers many many tools for Awakening. With the internet being available as it is these days, the offerings include daily online gatherings of interested folks from all over the world.

Below you will find the free online offerings on gorebaggtv – gorebaggtv on lifestream. This is as of February 2015

For the daily schedule of all events, including those in the Prosperity Virtual Ashram, please go here: Prosperity Path Forum

Below is the schedule of the weekly transmissions as of February 2015 – free of charge. If you miss them – archives are available, just look for the date.

Every weekday – 6:30 AM PT: Gorby’s morning work, Live Morning Blessing in Gorby’s Place on gorebaggtv. Keeps you updated, and connected – and then there are the gems that drop :). These morning events are truly a blessing.

Mondays 4-6 PM PT: FAXL Music Band Practice. E.J.  Gold and various combinations of FAXL band members “practice” playing together. Sometimes the music is out of this world and highly invocational – and sometimes the band struggles for a good portion of the time, moving here are there till they find the groove. Which is very educational to learn to discern and be a part of. Always live and always uplifting.

Wednesdays 6-7Pm PT: David Franco with Pat Elisabeth and Iven Lourie. In this show various worked by E.J. Gold are read and discussed with a group of very dedicated people. Here is a website link to David’s website Wings of Chaos. where you can see some of the contributions of the online participants. The show is on gorebaggtv, however, you can allso attend by phone. The next book that will be worked through, starting sometime in late winter/early spring 2015 is this one: The American Book of the Dead Guidebook.

Thursdays 6- 7:30 PM PT: Thursday night with xxaxx, Claude Needham on a variety of topics…need I say more?

Sundays 6:30 – 7:30 PM PT: Pattie Show with Pat Elisabeth who reads from various books related to death and Dying and answers questions as they come up. Always great.

These offerings are so helpful, connecting, reminders, supportive and an opportunity to be with the sangha, your community of fellow travelers on this path.

There are more live offerings on gorebaggtv, you can check them out here.

Other free  events offered by IDHHB certain bardo safaris, art class with Dok (Friday’s Art Hour) for those times when E.J. Gold is not giving any online art classes and special presentations by guests.