Coinology – Spiritual Art and Science of Coin Collecting

At the Coinology/ Prosperity Path Thanksgiving Workshop 2012

What is Coinology?

In my own words: The art and science of coin treasure hunting – but/and – including the spiritual dimension and effects, both for the coin and the one searching.

Is there potential for big bucks – sure … and since, in this case US pennies, the coins are still in circulation, it does not cost you any money either to get started.

I have some, though limited, experience with the effects of this type of coin searching, and I can say that it is not the same as merely collecting coins. It is indeed a tool for transformation. If as a kid, you had ANY inclination to collect or even pay attention to unusual coins, you might be especially suited for this particular tool. But even total newbies have been amazed. This testimonial below is from someone I personally know and respect speaks to it quite well.

If nothing else: in case you find a penny collections from your grandpa and and you haven’s a clue about pennies or coins and don’t want to get involved: DO NOT just spend it, there could be true treasure in there that could pay for your kids education …… folks at coinology will search it through for you, at they have high integrity.

“Hello, Thought I’d share an impression from this afternoon’s coin sorting.

It went something like this:

After lighting candles and incense, putting the music player on random, and cleaning up in and around the coin table/alter, I sat down to continue my opening rituals, which is simply opening the blue velvet Norton Street pennies and placing my magic find ring on my finger. As I slipped the ring on my finger, a mood descended. I felt a tiny bit priestly. I don’t like to categorize moods, but that phrase will have to suffice.

More importantly, I saw the penny sorting from a new perspective. The rolls of coins passing across my table and through my attention were being radiated. This was their contact with a higher purpose. Previously, I perceived the sorting/searching as part of my process, my learning…in this moment, I saw the sorting/searching for the benefit of the coins.

There’s more, but I’ll save it rather than contain it with words.”
I an taking this first part straight from the site because I can’t say it better atm.
Coinology is the Zen practice of searching in-circulation coins — most often pennies.

Interested: check it out here on coinology

From their website: What can I expect from Coinology?

Coinology works as a:

  • Meditation practice
  • Attention training (beginning and advanced)
  • Memory trainer
  • Psychic activation
  • Insomnia helper
  • Tool for social integration

Actually the above is a very short list of the many benefits and functions that Coinology can produce.

The seemingly innocent practice of searching in-circulation pennies for mint errors, oddities, rare dates, and brilliant coins has a wide variety of benefits.

You will be hard pressed to find anything that can replace the opportunities offered by Coinology.

Ok, that was my steal from the Coinology Website – will make sure it is ok with them.

Here is a link to a couple of testimonials.

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But that word, Matrix, reminds me of somethings else:

I don’t know much about this image except it was done with the Prosperity Path GODD Game Engine – I chose this page to link to because I use the Karma Wash orb a lot – CLICKING ON IMAGE gets you there