Music on Tuesdays – for the non-musician

Music-on-tuesdays-the-quantum-chickPutting into practice as well as giving back what could be gleaned from countless hours of music demos and classes by gorebagg – you can join a series called: Music on Tuesdays – for the non musician – though of course all are welcome. After all, the musicians amongst you may use it as a test of patience :).

Time: Tuesdays

What to use: any instrument and/or your voice.

What we do: for starters, sing 1 folksong per Tuesday. Work with it, sing to it – do harmonics or make up verses. Songs will be posted several days ahead of time, so there is a chance to practice together, but you can choose your own or have a more advanced schedule. You are responsible to know the notes or cords or keys if you plan to use an instrument – or, you can just sing.

Invite a friend or neighbor if you can.

More about the times: The Brane-Power Quantum Chick above  is a reminder that practice times may vary according to the seasonal needs of the local RL chicken flock 🙂 as well as availability of the other chicks who are hosting or participating. I suspect that eventually, a more stable time will be emerge. We will start Tuesday August 12, 2014 at 10am for the first time. The times will vary for you most likely also – the point is: practice – sing a song or do some music.

You can totally modify this …

All are welcome

Here are a  couple of youtube channels with music instructions by gorebagg.


lessons for dum-dums

Feel free to browse around there. If you find the chords or other instruction of any song that is “up” for the week, it will be helpful if you posted it in the Prosperity Path Forum on facebook.

Record yourself if you can and post it 🙂

lets do some music 🙂

Some things:

Today in Gorby’s cafe there was a little discussion and at some point it was: this self initiation thing – it is not easy ….

Essential will, intentional habit forming – so how – if at all possible, can one form a habit of making music when it is not replacing any other habit? How to have enough will when there is no real necessity to help out with it?

What does it take and is it worth it?